Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

I am so happy to be finally reviewing this Sephora brush cleanser!

I've bought this quite a while back and haven't really used it enough to say anything because I didn't own many brushes back then, and didn't use them frequently. So then, I simply used mild shampoo to wash once in a while.

Right now, you probably can tell from the number of Face of the Day posts in recent weeks that I really have been using my brushes. And I end up cleaning them almost everyday as I am quite paranoid when it comes to personal hygiene. LOL. As such, I can safely say I am ready to review a brush cleanser. =D

Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

Available: Sephora, ~$10

Volume: 60 ml

Star Properteis: Anti-bacteria formula

Ingredients below:

Instructions below:

This brush cleaner comes in an atomizer, so it is really convenient to use daily. In fact, this is the key reason that makes me clean my brushes almost daily. =D

It also has a cap, so you can take it for travel. It comes in a petite 60 ml, and really will fit nicely into a travel bathroom necessities bag.

How I use it:
I will spritz this 2 to 3 times onto a single area of two layers of very normal tissue paper. The instructions say to use a lint-free cloth, but really, as long as you use a material that doesn't have those stray strands flaying out like lower grade cotton pads, that's good.

Another reason I use tissue and not cloth is because tissue is easily disposable. For cloth, you will need to wash your cloth pretty thoroughly after every brush-cleaning session. And that's not very convenient. If you don't wash, bacteria may start growing on the cloth.

Be sure to just spritz 2-3 times, concentrating on a single area. The photo below is a bad example, because the alcohol evaporates so fast that the tissue will dry up before you get to use it. Just wet a small area first, and use that area to clean. Not enough, spritz again. Not spritz all at one shot. You'd just be wasting product.

So here's my brush. I am using the M.A.C 128 from Extra Dimension collection, because it is white on one side, so it is easier to show the color stain from my blusher.

This is after cleaning. I simply pat, swirled and pat and swirled until I think it is clean.

To see brush cleaning in action, you may want to click on the video below by fablesinfashion:

From the picture of the brush above, you'd find that not all the color came off. I've used this brush cleaner with many, many brushes, and yes, they all still have some stains.

However, I think it is clean enough for everyday cleaning. It is something like spot cleaning, I would say.

And the key reason I keep using this brush cleaner is because of the anti-bacteria properties, and not so much the bleaching properties. I am pretty sure what's inside is just alcohol, not strong alcohol, just the mild one.

So if you're looking for a cleaner that can seem to bleach your brushes, this is not the one.

If you're looking for an everyday cleaner that can generally take out color from your brushes, so that you can reuse them immediately, then this is definitely worth trying. As you can see in the photo below, the color stain generally does come off, just not 100%.

And here are my brushes that I cleaned today. I don't clean all at once because I do not have enough brush guards for every single one of my brushes. Also, I do clean with this almost everyday, so I just use others while I leave these in the brush guard, then when those others get dirty, I clean the others, and take the brush guards off this batch. Kind of like alternating batches of brushes.

One major disadvantage
I think the big problem with using atomizer is that the force from spraying potentially ruins your brushes. Especially if you're using goat hair brushes, please, please be careful.

The instructions from Sephora says to squirt the cleaner on the brush itself. I highly suggest you don't, which is why I provided the alternative method of squirting first onto the tissue.

If you're using high end brushes like Shu Uemura goat hair foundation brush or M.A.C 217 goal hair blending brush, you should be quite fine squirting this brush cleaning liquid directly onto the brush bristles.

BUT, if you have something like the Lauren Luke brushes, like me, DO NOT, DO NOT squirt any brush cleanser on the bristles directly. I have the M.A.C spritzer brush cleanser, but I have not tried that. STILL, I think it really doesn't matters the brand of spritzer you're using. An atomizer is an atomizer.

It's like, I didn't know better, and I happily squirted cleaner liquid onto my Lauren Luke brushes the first time. And OMG, I almost cried when I saw brand new brushes (that took 10 days to ship to me) flayed like crazy, and I could do nothing to help it. I am very sure there is nothing wrong with my brush cleaner as I did it the same way on my EcoTools and M.A.C, and my brushes stayed pretty. Thank goodness, when I wrote in to LaurenLuke Team, they gladly replaced my eye brushes. (Just the eye brushes, Lauren Luke contour brush, the one I LOVE, is fine.) Hence, I think it is a goat's hair issue.

Sure enough, the same thing happen to my M.A.C 217. Yes, the highly effective, super famous blending brush by M.A.C is equally vulnerable to spritzers!

I've since learned my lesson, and so you can see all the brush guards for my Lauren Luke and M.A.C. And I refuse to take any chances with my Bdellium Tools, Sonia Kashuk, and EcoTools.

Another explanation I have for the spritzer brush cleaner spoiling my brushes, other than the force from spritzing, is that when you press that pump down, all the liquid rushes through the nozzle and rub against the nozzle as they escape into the air and onto your brush bristles.

In this process, the tiny droplets of liquid get charged by static friction. Basically means, when you rub things together, some things will get charged up to have electricity. (This is why when you happen to touch your friend in ultra cold shopping malls, you literally get shocked. It is static electricity.)

And because the droplets of liquid are charged the same charge (all positive or all negative, I don't know), they repel each other. So when they all lend on your brush bristles, they make your brush bristles repel each other and open up, such that you see lots of flaying.

Anyway, that's really what I wanted to caution everyone about. To me, it's not a Sephora thing, it is an atomizer issue and goat hair issue.

Another big reason I bought this is the low cost. You see, if you're paranoid about brush hygiene like me, and you would like to wash your brushes as often as you possibly can afford to, then the cost of this matters. I can get an expensive cleanser, but then perhaps, I wouldn't use it as often as I really did like to. So another great product from Sephora that is very pocket friendly here. (Sephora has inexpensive nail polish removers, makeup remover, and brushes, in my opinion.)

Overall, of course I love it! 4/5!
I use it almost everyday, almost after every makeup look I do. It is really convenient for frequent use and travel. It will allow you to reuse your brushes immediately. I will repurchase.

Only thing to note is that it comes in an atomizer, and this motion of dispense can damage really soft brushes, particularly goat hair. You do not want to open it and dip inside because that's unhygienic. So you will need to use lint-free tissue paper/cloth with this.

Take note to put on brush guards after using any atomizer cleanser just in case the static charge makes brush bristles repel each other and flay.

Btw, if you are extremely paranoid, and like super white bristles, then I think you'd have to follow gossmakeupartist (on Youtube) advice to buy pure ethanol and soak your brushes in pure ethanol. You can buy small bottles of ICM pure ethanol from Guardian or Unity pharmacy. I have no idea if you can legally buy huge containers of ethanol in Singapore (please don't get charged for that, kind of silly). You certainly can get huge container of pure ethanol in the country that gossmakeupartist is in.

That said, I still think I will do a big shampoo deep cleansing as soon as I have time because I do agree that the stains didn't totally come off with a simple spray cleaner like this.

PS: I am sorry. I just had too much to say at the end. Wall of text. So guilty that I ended up rambling.

Have you tried the Sephora brush cleaner before? What do you think? Also, what do you think of similar spritzer brush cleaners? Have you experienced bristle-splaying with this kind of cleaners? If you have a favorite brush cleaner, do let me know too! =D

Thank you for your time! Hope it's useful.

Yours sincerely,


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